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Become A Lyft Driver


I have decided to drive for Lyft exclusively for one week to see how much I can earn driving for just one rideshare company.

The purpose of this is to experiment is to compare my income potential against Uber. With Uber, drivers are not able to earn back the 20% that the company takes as their fee from drivers using the Uber platform. At least not in Chicago. Uber is experimenting with drivers earning the 20% back but only in San Francisco.

With Lyft, if drivers meet a certain criteria such as accepting a number of rides during peak hours, meeting an acceptance rate of 90% and completing 65 rides in one week, drivers are able to receive a 20% bonus, essentially, earning the 20% fee that Lyft charges.


  1. Everyone is eligible to enter contest (rideshare drivers/customers/non-rideshare customers, etc.)
  2. Only one (1) entry per person.
  3. Guess weekly earnings for Eric P. Martin driving exclusively with Lyft from February 22nd – 28th, 2016. Closest person to the penny will win $25.00 gas gift card.
  4.  Entries must be submitted on blog post by midnight on February 26h, 2016 to be valid.
  5. Entries must post guess earnings in blog post entitled, “Win a $25 Gas Gift Card – Rideshare Times Contest” comment section on Rideshare Times.
  6. Complete on share post on social media network, either Facebook or Twitter.
  7. Share link must be entered into blog post entitled “Win a $25 Gas Gift Card – Rideshare Times Contest” comment section on Rideshare Times.
  8. Shared link must be active until the time the winner is announced.
  9. Actual earnings will be posted no later than March 1st, 2016 on blog post.
  10. Winner will receive $25.00 gas gift card via registered mail no later than March 7th, 2016.
  11. Winner must submit mailing address for gas card to be delivered via email to

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