Uber’s Financial Documents Leaked!

The ride-sharing mammoth Uber, had it’s last year’s financial documents leaked on Monday. The Information published a confidential copy of the document that was prepared for Uber’s investors last year.

The document points to how much Uber is growing globally; And, just how much the company is financially bleeding.


Money Motivated

With Uber’s recently announcement of lowing rates, it’s recent raising of 7 billion dollars capital from China, and now the leaking of classified document, it can begin to shed light to its millions of drivers the possible reasons for their loss of potienial income during the coming winter month.

Uber’s Wild Card

If the feedback from Uber drivers on Facebook forums and rideshare driver community websites like UberPeople.net is any indication on how drivers feel about staying with Uber while they go through their growing pains, Uber might be in for a big surprise in 2016. Most drivers are not happy when Uber’s decisions when it directly affect their livelihood. Uber doesn’t seem to understand that it’s their drivers who are help building the company. Uber only created an alternate solution to hailing a cab.



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  1. The world’s most odious company. No law goober won’t break, no lie goober won’t tell, no passenger goober won’t rob, no driver goober won’t exploit. Grubby, grubby goober.

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