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I had an epiphany after I finished my 100 hour driving week challenge,  that was that trying to make $1,000.00 per week driving for Uber & Lyft is not sustainable. Even though I didn’t meet my own challenge, I came close. I drove a total of 93 hours online. I probably did drive over 100 hours if I could include driving home and the times I went to the airport empty just to get some rest.

Another epiphany I had came from posting my income online two week ago in another blog post, called Rideshare Income By The Numbers. The feedback after posting on a few Facebook forums, I realized that I should investigate to see if I could reduce my lease expense by purchasing a new car with a lower monthly payment. That very next day, I had called the dealership where I got my leased car through Breeze. With my credit score, I was able to purchase a new car with payments that made my monthly expenses $300.00 less. It it wasn’t for my transparency and being willing to share my income with others, I wouldn’t had investigated at all.

The Power of a Mastermind Group

I’ve involved myself in mastermind groups before. I know the power and results that one can benefit from by participating in such a group. The idea comes from Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. The idea is that collective minds are more powerful than one. We see of examples of this through collaborations with others in companies, partnerships, and even friendships. When two or more people come together, the create a third mind, which Hill has coined the “Mastermind”. If you haven’t read the book, you should because it’s a classic. Many millionaires today attribute a part of their success from reading this book.

The Goal of the Rideshare Driver’s Mastermind

The purpose of me creating this group is to bring together other rideshare drivers who have found themselves stuck, like myself in this rideshare industry making very little money and would like to change their situation.

What I have come to recognize over the last few years is that technology is changing the labor market and I have not adapted or updated my skillsets in a changing global environment.  Developing new skillsets I feel is part of the solution. Earning a livable wage requires all of us to learn new skillsets.

Earning Alternatives Income

There are a number of emerging companies that are entering into this micro/on-demand/ economy. In addition, the typical way to earn a living is changing too. A lot of individuals have exited the typical job market to earn substantial incomes online and never looked back. This is the type of ideas that I would like for those that choose to participate in the Rideshare Times Mastermind Group to explore, share success stories, and offer encouragement to others.

Together We Can Achieve Greatness

The Mastermind forum is going to be a work in progress. It will be a collection of ideas from everyone that participates in the group. Please join me by clicking on the forum and joining. Also, leave a comment about what you would like to see or discuss. And lastly, I would like to include video in the forum, so once you’ve joined, please make a video if you have a YouTube account and email me the embed code.

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