Response to Negative Rideshare Customer’s Complaint

Today I received a complaint from a rideshare customer about their request to use my Bluetooth device in my car. The customer wrote a review that was not entirely accurate. The customer had asked if I mind if he used my Bluetooth on my car. I responded politely by saying, “Yes, I actually do mind”.  There was a moment of silence among all four passengers and then they all engaged in a conversation for the entirety of the ride.

Lyft Complaint


I’m deeply disturbed by this customer’s bad review and half-truth. I don’t feel that I need to explain to customers why I do mind them plugging their technology to the car I make weekly payments on.

The truth of the matter is not that I didn’t want to hear any music, but that I don’t know how to delete the devices once they are on my system. As you can see in the picture below, I still have one customer’s iphone (tdiem) in my car’s Bluetooth system.


I know that rideshare companies take the customer’s complaints as the absolute gospel. This is quite unfortunate for rideshare drivers who earn their living full-time and are at risk of losing their livelihood based on customer’s complaints. This is a flaw in a system that I feel needs to be addressed by the rideshare companies.


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  1. DJ Oldenberg | January 29, 2016 at 4:59 pm |

    FYI — to delete… select the connection you want to delete, and press the remove button on the right… VERY SIMPLE.

    On that note though — I don’t let PAX connect via blue tooth either. I did it once and ended up with their address book syncronized to the car. I do have a generic audio cable that will work with ANY phone — and that keeps them happy.

  2. You should have explained yourself. You also should do a youtube search on how to delete a device. If you look, you can see the remove button. I agree their raring alone shouldn’t dictate your position in the company.

  3. Eric,i totally understand your concern. However, I think this situation will continue to ocurr until you figure out a solution. Our job is 90% customer service, so it would be ideal to 1.learn and figure out how to delete blue tooth profiles or 2.get an auxcillery line back connection or 3. A radio frequency that can broad cast on the radio.
    If you have alternatives you won’t have to go through this again. Good luck.

  4. Look at your picture of your radio and try the button that says REMOVE or take a second and look at your manual.

  5. Carl you’re an idiot if they want to hear music bring a speaker and play it we aren’t here to provide them anything but a ride point a point b

  6. late night hustler | January 30, 2016 at 9:26 pm |

    Someone asks a question ….and as a customer service representative….you respond…. yes I do mine is rude….if you were in best buy and asked an employee do you mind (insert any question) and they respond yes I do mind you’ll feel they are rude as well….#nopeopleskills

  7. Only addressing your concern about the Bluetooth: what I have done is went to BestBuy and purchased a very small Bluetooth receiver that plugs into my auxiliary port. It allows my passengers to sync to bluetooth and me not to have to worry about them being connected to my car’s computer. It cost around $15, and I’m able to offer bluetooth to my rides which usually results in very high ratings, and pretty good comments as well.

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