Potential Driver Candidate Case Study for Arcade City In Chicago

Ok, I bit the bait. Call me the Rideshare Sucker. I’ve heard a lot news about Arcade City on the Facebook forums. UberMan had made a video about it saying that it wouldn’t work. Then I just seen another video with UberMan pretty much doing about face about the company.

So I signed up. It was simple. I typed in my zip code, email address, and phone number. Then I was sent to this page.


Ok, now you want to verify me by Facebook? Since when did Facebook become the authorized background investigator? Fine. Then I get this page.


So, it looks as if I have to recruit drivers, for a service that isn’t running in Chicago yet. Well, it it happens. I’m not making an official endorsement of the company, nor making any claims of the service. I’m simply making myself a guinea pig for those that want to truth about Arcade City. With that said, here’s my link.





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