How To Enter Promo Code for Free Lyft Ride

If you’ve received a Lyft Promotional Card for a free ride and are confused about how to enter the promo code, here are the three easy steps to unlocking your Lyft Free Ride Credits.

Step 1.

Click on your profile. If you’ve just downloaded the Lyft app, it appears as a blank circle on the top left.



Step 2.

Click on “Payment”




Step 3

Enter your Lyft Promo Code.


Now you should have received your Free Lyft Ride Credit. If you’ve misplaced your code, feel free to use mine.

Lyft Promo Code: ERIC953223



DISCLOSURE: I am a Lyft driver and will earn compensation through Lyft’s referral program if you choose to sign up for Lyft rideshare services through my link.